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Abdominal Pain

Pain in the front ranging from the hips to the ribs. After ruling out serious medical conditions, it is prudent to study the mechanism of motion throughout the torso including the upper and lower extremity. This may reveal how use of various muscle groups may be causing pain to the abdominal region.


  • "I just wanted to take a little time to thank Dr. Kaminski for his care in treating my latest injury. I used to be a skeptic of chiropractic manipulation. I ran into a patient of Dr. Kaminski’s who told me about the Active Release Technique which helped him when he couldn't find relief from other treatment. I worked so well for him. I am a distance runner and I had an ankle injury that had bothered me for a few months. Dr. Kaminski watched me run then treated me with A.R.T. and I received immediate relief. He showed me stretching and strengthening exercises to keep the muscles involved strong. I was happy with the results and was able to run pain free. Then in July of this year I had another injury that kept me from running how I was capable and made running painful. I went to my M.D. who ran some tests eliminating hernias, ruptures, and ulcers. He couldn't find anything that would be the problem. Being it was in my lower abdomen, I didn't think A.R.T. would be helpful for treatment. However, when I was so discouraged seeing my fitness decline because I wouldn't train well; I made an appointment to see Dr. Kaminski. After he listened to my concerns, and watched me run he gave my stomach area a real workout that again gave me immediate relief. I was still a little sore and the next week I re-injured the same area. When I came for my next visit and described how it was injured, Dr. Kaminski went immediately to work on my quads. I'm not proficient in describing muscles or treatments but all I know is that it worked! When I went out in his lot to run I felt such relief that I wanted to run home. I had not felt that good and free while running since July. I was way behind on my training for an upcoming marathon, but after finding complete relief with Dr. Kaminski’s care, I was going to try an eight minute pace for the marathon and ended up feeling so good I ran 7:30s! I have another marathon coming up in a month and for sure will be coming in for a “performance” checkup. Again, Dr. Kaminski showed me how to stretch, aligned my spine and pelvis to cure the root cause. The latest “cure” was a real eye opener for me. It was so black and white when I thought I was really injured. The relief was so immediate. Dr. Kaminski will be on the top of my list for treatment if anything crops up and I will want to be a regular for performance care.

    Thanks for your care and anyone who listens I tell them to give A.R.T. a try! It worked for me!!"

    – TERRY E.

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