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Achilles Pain

Achilles pain is commonly seen in athletes. It can be described as slight tenderness or sharp burning at the heel. It can be caused by overuse, nerve irritation or biomechanical deficiency. Running analysis is useful in treatment of this condition. Correction of biomechanical problems can help take strain off the achilles.


  • "I was at my wits end with an achilles injury that would not go away. Had undergone numerous physical therapy treatments, massage, anti-inflammatories with very little relief and my beloved Boston Marathon was only 3 weeks away! It was looking like I'd have to take a medical redshirt, which I hated the thought of, as all flight/hotel reservations had been made. Then, Dr. Kimberly Lake came to my rescue! After thanking me for giving her so much time, she said that after 3 treatments (that would take about a week to complete), we'd probably have a good idea if Boston would be reality or not. I knew progress was being made after 2 treatments and then, after my 3rd treatment, she said 'go run'. I just happened to have my running gear with me & suited up and went out & ran 6.5 miles PAINFREE! Unbelievable. Three days later, I really put it to the test with a fast finish long run and had absolutely no problem. A week and a half later, I made the trip to Boston & ran my best Boston time yet!

    A.R.T. is a wonderful alternative to the standard treatments. Dr. Kimberly Lake and Kaminski Pain Clinic is now my first choice go-to with any tweaks I may suffer from running. They're the greatest!"

    – MR. LOUDEN


  • ACHILLES PAIN - Triathlete
    "Dr. Kaminski, I would like to thank you for your role in helping me achieve my goal this year of completing the Pigman Half Triathlon in August. Before seeing you in June, my longest run (ever) had been about 5 miles-a far cry from the 13.1 I would have to do after swimming and biking! However, I knew if I could train consistently, I would make it. Consistency was hard to find as I was fighting Achilles Tendonitis that was keeping me from running, and several physical therapy sessions didn't help. After only 2 A.R.T. treatments on the AT, quads and core I was much stronger at all three sports immediately, but most importantly, was able to train injury- free for the rest of the season. It was great to see my times dropping throughout the year. I believe this was due in large part to improved flexibility from the treatments that allowed me to use a more efficient technique in all disciplines.

    I really appreciated the extra time and effort you took in my sessions because of my 3-hour drive each way, and I'm looking forward to making more progress next year. No doubt, your A.R.T. treatment will be part of my training plan."


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