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Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel causes tingling in the hand due to median nerve irritation. The median nerve runs through your shoulder, arm and wrist. The wrist is commonly the only area that is surgically repaired which increases the incidence of reoccurrence. Active Release Technique protocols are extremely successful at fixing the cause of this problem.


  • CARPAL TUNNEL- In Both Arms:
    "I am not sure if it was fate or luck that lead me to read the Rock Island Argus early last fall and find the article about Dr. Robert Kaminski and the Active Release Technique (A.R.T.) he provides. Either way I look at it, I know that he holds the most promise in giving me back the use of my arms and hands.

    "Trust me" is a worn out phrase in life but if you are experiencing arm or hand pain, swelling, tingling, numbness or arm fatigue..."trust me" and call Dr. Kaminski now. I only wish he and his family had moved here from Canada sooner so that I wouldn't have had to go through the endless procedures I've endured.

    I have been dealing with my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms for just over 3-1/2 years now. The main objective of my letter is to let everyone know that if you are experiencing any hand, arm or shoulder pain you need to get help now. Don't wait any longer, it isn't necessary to live with the pain. If you're like me and are a post surgical patient (I've had 4 surgeries) and are still experiencing problems there is help to be had; namely Dr. Kaminski. If there's a procedure out there, I've tried it. I've been through pre and post surgical therapy, injections, prescribed meds, acupuncture, splints and, of course, the surgeries. There were days I hurt so badly I cried; partly because of the pain and partly because I was so tired of dealing with it. I'm not a martyr; I just needed the paycheck like everyone else. The solution last offered to me by my surgeon was the use of topical ointments. Now I don't know about anyone else but Ben-Gay is not my perfume of choice for work or recreation.

    I thought I was going to have to "learn to live with the pain" until I started my care with Dr. Kaminski. I no longer have arms that feel like 20-lb. weights everyday. I can drive, push a grocery cart and vacuum without my hands swelling. I'm actually sleeping through the night without my arms falling asleep. Numbness and tingling are a thing of the past. When I talk on the telephone I no longer have to switch hands every 2 minutes because of the pain in my elbows. Typical chiropractic care, unfortunately, was just not aggressive enough for my problems. A.R.T. allows Dr. Kaminski to tailor his treatment plan to each patient's individual needs. I am not the person who can explain the details of it to you, but I am the one who can tell you that without Dr. Kaminski and A.R.T. I most certainly feel that I would have been through my fifth surgery by now (and smelling strongly of Ben-Gay). I am still under his care and getting better with each visit. I realize that my condition did not happen overnight and that it won't disappear in that fashion either.

    I have found Dr. Kaminski to be a perfectionist who only wants to give his patient's the best possible care that he can. I assure you that the citizens of the Quad Cities will be the ones who benefit from his knowledge of A.R.T. and his caring ways. I know that I have and will continue to do so.

    There are two added benefits from my care that have amazed me. Within three treatments I had warm hands! That may sound small, but it's not to person who has never had warm hands in her life. Also, for the first time in my life I have actually walked out of a chiropractic office without the migraine I walked in with. That to me is just short of a miracle!"

    - SHARON Y.

  • CARPAL TUNNEL - Professional Musician:
    In January, I fell and broke the wrist ends of both bones in my left forearm. After surgical implantation and eventual surgical removal of the two pins and an external fixator which immobilized my arm, wrist and hand for two and a half months, I underwent an additional six months of physical therapy before being released from treatment by my surgeon.

    I returned to performing as a symphony bassist in October, but I had problems with pain, stiffness and weakness during and after playing. My accuracy and intonation were a constant struggle and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome had resurfaced, after several years' absence, in my right wrist. I've performed for 43 years, so CTS recurs. Then I read an article about Active Release Techniques. It looked promising, so I called for an appointment. For about four months now, Dr. Kaminski has been addressing the adhesions from my injury/immobilization, as well as the CTS in my right wrist.

    I'm very happy with the results. My playing is far more accurate and physical problems from playing are much reduced. I can say I'm playing as well as I did 30 years ago. In fact, on February 17-18, I performed three full performances of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony in less than 24 hours, with no physical repercussions.

    You bass players know what that means! I'm quite pleased with Dr. Kaminski's application of his A.R.T. expertise and plan to continue treatment as needed for the vestiges of my adhesions."

    – LINDA G.

  • CARPAL TUNNEL - Hand Injuries: Thumb
    "I was fixing a machine at a bowling alley when a 16 lb. bowling ball was thrown and smashed my thumb against the steel plate at the back of the machine. It had fractured my thumb and doctors predicted it would take up to a month to fix and get readjusted. I instead went to Dr. Kaminski and in two sessions lasting 10-15 minutes per session he had healed my thumb in two weeks. I went from not being able to bowl with a 6 lb. bowling ball for my league to a 16 lb. bowling ball in one session and was completely healed after two sessions.

    Dr. Kaminski really helped me in many other areas as well including my back, neck, and arms. There are a lot of things I can do now that he helped me to do better in. I would recommend Dr. Kaminski for all areas of his expertise. I thank you Doctor K."


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