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Fibromyalgia is characterized by chronic, widespread pain and tenderness to light touch. Other symptoms can include fatigue, muscle aches, prolonged muscle spasms, weakness in the limbs, nerve pain, and chronic sleep disturbances.


  • "I've had fibromyalgia for many years and have tried lots of different approaches for relief - vitamins, diet, exercise, other chiropractors, acupuncture.... While I think exercise is critical for someone with fibromyalgia, that was the only thing that had really made a difference until I started going to Dr. Kaminski. The ART that he uses is great for someone with FM because it deals directly with your muscles. The chiropractors I had seen before Dr. Kaminski adjusted my joints and spine, but didn't do anything specifically for my muscles. I am most grateful to Dr. Kaminski because his work has enabled me to do more with less pain. This is a tremendous gift!! In addition to his skill as a chiropractor, he has a strong faith in God and this means a lot to me. He is a prayerful and humble man, and attributes his success to God working through him and his hands. I am so thankful and happy to know that!! No wonder it works, eh?!!

    Thanks for your excellent care."

    – JANE


  • "I was referred to Dr. Kaminski by a doctor that was working with me on a case of diagnosed Carpal Tunnel in both hands. I was looking at having surgery to correct this. This was something I was not looking forward to at all. I asked if there was anything else we could try. We then talked about chiropractic. I said I would like to try anything. I also was suffering from Fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed with this a few years prior and have been on medications to help alleviate the pain since then. Now after a couple of months of treatments I'm not taking medications anymore, and my arms and hands feel a whole lot better than they have in the last few years. I was hesitant at first, not thinking that this would make a difference, but the relief I have achieved has made a believer out of me. My Fibromyalgia symptoms are virtually gone, the numbness and tingling in my hands and arms have gone away and I can do allot more things that before used to cause me severe pain. I recommend to anyone that is having any trouble with fatigue, sore muscles, numbness or tingling anywhere in their body that they see Dr. Kaminski and experience his healing techniques with Active Release and I'll guarantee that you'll be glad you did. Chronic Pain Sufferer After eight years of chronic pain caused by Fibromyalgia, Dr. Jeffery Fullencamp, a pain specialist in Moline referred me to you for ART treatments. My worst pain was concentrated in my upper left shoulder and back area followed by severe neck pain and piercing lower back pain, which radiated down my legs. It was very difficult for me to do daily activities such as housework and riding in a car. After only three months of ART treatments my pain has been reduced by 90%. Instead of taking 8-10 pain pills daily I now take less than 5 per week. Your treatments have accomplished what previous trips to Mayo Clinic, other pain specialists, and numerous physical therapists could not. I am very grateful for the help you have given me. I hope other people with Fibromyalgia, which is debilitating, have the opportunity to be treated by you.

    I for one will spread the word. Thank you so much!"


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