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Motor Vehicle Accident

Motor Vehicle Accident injuries resulting from MVAs are most efficiently addressed early on with A.R.T. and chiropractic care before coping mechanisms make the problem more complex and difficult to resolve.


    "Eighteen years ago I was a passenger involved in a head on collision on Airport Road in Moline. My pelvis was broken in five places, I was split from the middle of my head down my forehead and across my right eye cutting my eyelid in two. Not expected to even live, I was in traction for eight weeks and hospitalized for ten weeks. It took me two years to learn to walk without a limp, but the pain was constant and daily and at times unbearable. My athletic days were over. I would no longer play softball, volleyball, bowl, canoe, camp or hike. I resigned myself to the fact that I couldn't sit cross-legged on the floor and play with the kids any more.

    As the years went by the pain grew worse, my joints stiffened and I began seeing Dr. Kevorkian as my hero. A little over a year ago, I managed to walk two miles again, a big event for me! The next morning I couldn't walk at all. It's like my entire body had shut down for no reason. Thanksgiving came and my sister showed me this article about A.R.T. and told me she was having her foot worked on by Dr. Kaminski. She raved about the results. Two weeks later I was at work and couldn't move the stapler to my desk. Enough was enough...I made an appointment.

    A year has gone by and I am pleased to be able to write this testimonial and tell everyone that I am practically pain free. Starting at the top and working down, the only thing left to be pain-free is my feet and I have all the confidence in the world that they will be. The best thing to happen to me was when I mentioned not being able to sit cross-legged. In one treatment I was able to sit cross-legged with no difficulty and with continuous stretching exercises I have no problem spending an afternoon on the floor cross-legged, kneeling or curled up. I can walk, exercise, ride my bike, take long hikes and canoe without pain. Now Dr. Kaminski is my hero!!

    I've seen numerous chiropractors, medical doctors and orthopedic surgeons throughout the last eighteen years, but no one has been able to help me feel good again until I met Dr. Kaminski. If you are in any kind of pain, make an appointment. You won't be sorry. It took only one year to do what eighteen years of "experts" couldn't do for me."

    – MARCIA U.

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