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Sciatica is an irritation of the sciatic nerve that sends pain down the back side of the leg and can travel down to the foot. This common condition can be caused by trauma, disc herniation or progressive tightening of the muscles around the nerve. Nerve flossing and Active Release Technique protocols are helpful in reducing the tension on the sciatic nerve and relieving symptoms.


  • "At age 61, I had a back and leg problem. I had a bulged disk and sciatic nerve that started with an “on the job injury” in the fall of 2007. Most of the pain was in my butt cheek area, hip, thigh and shin. After 3 back shots to my disk between L3 and L4, the pain had dropped to a pain level of 4 or 5 out of 10. Then I was sent to a chiropractor that stretched my spine over a period of 3 months. When I had finished, I was down to a level of 1 but no less. By now I was in my normal pain limits as I had for the last 30 years. A few months later, we had some heavy tree damage in my area and with all that had to be done, the hip and leg pain came back with a vengeance about a week later. I was on vacation in the west when it struck. The pain in my hip was like someone was trying to drive a large nail into it. My thigh felt like I had a very bad Charlie horse, bothering my knee and shin. Two friends had to help me return to my room while on vacation. After 2 days, the doctor in Colorado put me on heavy drugs until I could return home to see my back specialist. The drugs helped with the pain so I could now walk with the help of a cane and get some sleep. As luck would have it, my doctor was on vacation. A trip to the ER, a hip shot, lasting 24 hours, and the pills helped me get to the back specialist. Standing, sitting, walking and especially sleeping were out of the question. I went over 3 weeks sleeping only 3 hours a night. Tossing and turning while trying to sleep happened every night. Finally the back shot was given and my pain level was down to 4 or 5 again. My doctor wanted to operate on my back, freezing three vertebras. Not something I wanted to do. A friend of ours suggested Dr. Kaminski and his Pain and Performance Care. With my doctor’s OK, I went to see Dr. Kaminski. I have been to chiropractors for over 30 years but nothing like Dr. Kaminski and ART. Within on minute of walking into his office he knew my problem. After answering a few questions, my treatment began. I have never experienced ART or Dr. Kaminski or anything like this. I came into his office using a cane and almost didn't need it when I was finished. Within 5 visits I was now cane free and down to a pain level of 1 or less. With his help and the exercises, I believe that I will become totally pain free in my hip and leg for the rest of my life. I have sent many friends to this office so they can find pain relief too."

    – R. JOHNSON

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