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Shin Splints

Shin splints are a general term that refers to pain in the front and inside aspect of the shin. This painful condition commonly occurs in runners and jumping athletes. In our office we use Functional movement analysis to determine why the inflamed tissues are being overused.


  • "I would like to thank Dr. Lake for helping me achieve a goal of completing my first marathon (2008 Quad Cities Marathon). As a new runner of one year, I was struggling with painful shin splints for several months during the critical training season. I had tried everything to heal it on my own but nothing was working and it was very discouraging. One of the Cornbelt Running Club members had great success treating shin splints with Dr. Lake and she suggested I visit her office. After a few treatments I was able to get back to my training without any pain or discomfort. I am very happy to say that the pain has not returned even after having run the Bix 7 race and logging 35 miles per week in preparation for the QC Marathon. I contribute this to the fact that I have visited Dr. Lake on a monthly basis to maintain a pain free state. Dr. Lake is awesome as she understands runner’s biomechanics, understands what causes certain running injuries and always knows what needs to be done to get a person back running again. Now I know to visit Dr. Lake when I have running injuries!

    Thank you Dr. Lake for treating my shin splints, helping me get back on track and for playing a big part in me achieving a goal of running my first marathon!!"


    "My collegiate track career was by my standards well below what I was capable of. After qualifying for the state meet in three events in high school, and earning elite all state honors twice, I got to college with quite a bit of potential. I had things I wanted to do, goals to achieve. Scoring at the conference meet and qualifying for NCAA Championships was a realistic goal. Then the injuries hit. In order to be competitive in a high-level track and field program you have to do things that the body doesn't necessarily like. Sixty-mile weeks with weight training 50 weeks a year for a race that last less than two minutes. The body has to be able to absorb that entire trauma and hold itself together. Mine wasn't able to. A string of shin splints, stress fractures, ligament strains and various other problems ended my career before it began. It got to the point that I hated running. I hated even the thought of running. It hurt. When it didn't hurt I only got frustrated that, I couldn't run as well as I was capable of. I hated even watching track meets on television. I never planned on running again.

    A friend at Palmer told me about how well A.R.T. had helped his shoulder problems so I decided to give it one last try. I found Dr. Kaminski's office on the web, made an appointment, and prepared to be let down. Dr. Kaminski approached my problems in a manner that none of the trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors, or medical doctors at my college ever had. He got results. I was blown away. I hadn't had the range of motion in my legs, that one treatment restored, in several years. Within a week I was back to running. In two weeks I was back to training. Several months later I ran faster than I ever had in college with less than half the training.

    The only knock I have against Dr. Kaminski is that I didn't find him earlier. It just makes me wonder how much different my college career could have been. I don't race anymore, but I still thank Dr. Kaminski for giving me back the one thing that I truly love: running."

– JOHN BALL: Arizona State Track and Field, Davenport Assumption Track Coach.

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