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Shoulder Injuries

Frozen shoulder also known as adhesive capsulitis a condition inwhich the shoulder joint loses range of motion. This can occur from an injury or slowly progress over time. This condition is successfully treated by identifying the tissues inhibiting motion such as nerve, ligament, tendon and muscle. Proper shoulder stabilization, laser therapy and stretching programs enhance recovery.


  • Power Lifter
    I have been involved in sports all of my life. At the early age of twenty, I had lost all of the range of motion in my right shoulder and hips due to sports related injuries. I could not do an incline bench without my collarbone popping out and doing squats would cause my hips to bind. After just one session with Dr. Kaminski I had gained back nearly all of the flexibility and range of motion I had lost. I can easily incline bench 200 lb. for reps and go into a deep squat pain free. Without Dr. Kaminski and his use of A.R.T. none of this would be possible."

    – TOM A.
  • Discus Thrower
    "We would like to thank Dr. Kaminski for helping our daughter, Shelby, win the Iowa A.A.U. and Regional discus championships this summer. Shelby entered the National meet ranked 15th in the nation. She had a season's best throw with an increase of eleven feet. This has to do with Dr. Kaminski's observation of Shelby's physical problem before she threw that day. He worked on her for twenty minutes. She had her best throwing of the year. Without his professional expertise, she would not have made it to Nationals."

    – KENT S.
    "My name is James Costello and I am a track and field athlete for the University of Iowa. I throw the 35 weight, shot put, discus and hammer. Before I started going to Dr. Kaminski, I had very sharp pains in my left shoulder when I would try to throw. I also had lower back pains that would limit me in the amount of training I could do. Dr. Kaminski, through several visits, helped me to the point where I could practice at full speed and compete to the best of my ability. I had very high expectations for this year. The past year I went to the USA National Indoor and Outdoor Championships. I finished 13th in the nation in the Hammer Throw. This year, the last of my college eligibility, was going to be my best. The only problem was I couldn't get the most out of my body due to my previously mentioned injuries. I wasn't throwing as far as I knew I could. After Dr. Kaminski helped me, my throwing increased and my goals were now again attainable. Recently, I was ranked first in the Big Ten in the weight throw and finally was named All-American after I finished in 8th place at the NCAA Championship meet. I still have my outdoor season left and with the help of Dr. Kaminski, I expect nothing less than being an All-American in the Hammer Throw and ranked in the top 10 in the United States."


    University of Iowa Track and Field Team • Conference USA Hammer Throw Champion • #1 Ranked Weight Thrower in the Big Ten • Academic All-Big Ten • Conference USA Commissioner’s Honor Roll • All-American Weight throw • Track and Field MVP *U of IA School Record Holder-Weight Throw • Two-Time Big Ten Athlete of the Week

  • Marital Arts Fighter/Instructor
    "I first read about ART in Black Belt Magazine. There was an article about Frank Shamrock, a mixed martial arts fighter, using A.R.T. to rehabilitate injuries. I have had 7 years of shoulder pain and 22 years of back pain from sports related injuries. I have tried chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage therapy, Indian Ayurvedic medicine and physical therapy. All had some limited success, but nothing has worked like A.R.T.

    My previous chiropractor did an excellent job of straightening my spine but it wouldn't stay straight without bi-weekly adjustments. He was not able to relieve my shoulder pain at all. My biggest complaint with traditional chiropractic is that they don't directly address the muscles or provide instruction for rehabilitation exercises. My back muscles spent 14 years out of alignment before I started chiropractic and they continually want to resume their previous alignment.

    When I tell people about my results from A.R.T., I say it's magical. I saw immediate results during my first session. The combination of releasing the "stuck" muscles and aligning the spine produces immediate and sustainable results. I have recommended A.R.T. to my parents, my family, and my martial arts students.

    Dr. Kaminski is very knowledgeable about all aspects of fitness and health. He understands the intricacies of sports and repetitive motion injuries. He provides the complete rehabilitation solution--soft tissue release, chiropractic spinal alignment, and rehabilitation exercises."

    – LELAND B.

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